How To Assign Tags (Or Categories) To Custom Post Types & Pages In WordPress – With A Plugin

Update: There was a bug in this plugin that broke my theme. I found a workaround in the meantime while the dev’s work it out. Instead of the plugin recommended below, install this plugin, open the tag-pages.php file, and edit the custom post type from “page” to whatever your custom post type is. I documented […]

Why I’m Not Switching From Aweber to MailChimp

Update: Here I am. Reading my own post again. I’m really a fan of Mailchimp (I’m using it a lot for one of my clients) so I often wonder why I still have an Aweber account. Turns out since writing this post, Mailchimp put together a really nice article explaining the particulars of their “no […]

Remove “Product Description” Heading/Title WooCommerce Single Product Page

This is how to remve the “product description” heading from your WooCommerce single product page. No thanks to this thread, which seemed to help the poster, but nobody else. Doesn’t make sense to me.

Life After Thesis & Studiopress Themes

The Confession I admit it. I drank the kool-aid. I’ve been in a box for the last two or three (at least) years with my blinders on.

Shoemoney Redesigns Blog. Looks Like Every Other Thesis Site on The Web.

Haters gonna hate… So I was excited when I saw Chris Pearsons tweet about Shoemoney redesigning his whole site with Thesis. I thought maybe, just maybe I’d see a stunning variation on the bare bones look of Thesis that I’m so used to seeing. Nope. You see, I used to be part of the Thesis […]

Inspectlet: Perfect Blend of Crazy Egg & Clicktale, & Cheaper Than Both.

Now you can peek over your customers shoulders as they browse your website in real time! Inspectlet is a new real-time analytics, and website heat mapping + screen capture tool that allows you to take a peek at how your customers react with your website as they browse. This means that the software literally takes […]

3 Things To Know Before Buying Thesis Theme

I’ve used the Thesis theme for the last few years and for the most part, I’ve been really happy with it. Clean code, good SEO control, and a great support forum with very helpful users. And if there’s one feature I’m repeatedly glad for with this theme it is the fact that there is a responsive […]