10 WordPress Plugins Worth Your While

When I first started blogging, plugins were sort of a mystery to me. I would read blogs and wonder how people were doing such cool things. How the heck did they get that “share this” function on there, I thought. I figured everyone that had a blog was some master coder with an intimite knowledge of how to customize and theme their blogs. Fast forward a couple of years, and despite the ugly layout of my blog (hey, I keep it simple for the Google Bot) I’ve got some of the amazing features that I only drooled over at the beginning of my blogtacular career. I exaggerate a bit. It really didn’t take me that long to figure out how plugins work, but I am still learning.

I use most of these plugins here on Elite Eternity as well as on most of my other blogs. Listed in no particular order.

1 – WP Security Scan | Get It Here

Sometimes I get paranoid about the safety of my blog content. Heck, I post nearly 5 times a week and that many posts add up! If all my posts vanished, I would be slightly devistated. I just recently found this sweet wordpress plugin that scans your blog for known security vulnerabilities. If you’re not sure how to fix some of the items it suggests, the software usually provides helpful links. If you still can’t figure something out, feel free to ask me.

2 – WP Page Navi | Get It Here

This cool plugin adds the little number row at the bottom of your blog that allows your users (and the spiders) to see your previous posts easily. Example:


3 – WP Post Ratings | Get It Here

You know those little rating stars that you see at the top of every post here on this blog? Well, this is simply a plugin – and a cool one at that. Although people rarely participate in rating my posts, it’s still fun to see what 1 out of a million views will rate your post. It’s completely useless, but it adds a bit of interaction to your blog.

4 – Subscribe Remind | Get It Here

If you’re as desperate for subscribers to your blog as I am, check out this plugin. It adds that little “If you enjoyed this post, make sure you subscribe to my RSS feed!” plug at the bottom of every single post on your blog. Some find it annoying, so this plugin probably isn’t for everyone. Heck, I find it sort of annoying, but I’d rather have it than not.

5 – Share This | Get It Here

This is that amazing plugin I was talking about in the paragraph preceeding this. It’s not magic, just download, install the thing and activate it. This plugin allows people to share your post to all the major bookmarking sites (i.e. digg, reddit, stumbleupon, facebook).

6 – Twitter Tools | Get It Here

Are you a Twitter user? Yeah, me too. This is a pretty neat tool that will automatically post your latest blog post to your Twitter page. I’ve had quite a few hits from people referred from Twitter. I’d say this is one of those plugins that’s definitely worth getting.

7 – Redirection | Get It Here

You know those annoying 404 PAGE NOT FOUND errors? Welcome to the wordpress Redirection plugin. If for some reason, you change the permalink to a blog post and there are links to that particular post on the web somewhere, then this plugin will make sure that the original permalink redirects to the new one. Still don’t get it? Say for instance I wrote a post called I Am Cool. The link to this post may be http://eliteeternity.com/i-am-cool. Now, I go to my facebook page and place that link. Say for some reason, I  change that permalink to be more search engine friendly. I may change that permalink to http://eliteeternity.com/jeremy-is-the-coolest-person-in-the-world. So if I didn’t have the redirection plugin installed and someone on my facebook page tried to go to http://eliteeternity.com/i-am-cool it wouldn’t work. But since I have the Redirection plugin installed, that page would automatically redirect to http://eliteeternity.com/jeremy-is-the-coolest-person-in-the-world. Make sense?

8 – Feedburner Feedsmith | Get It Here

This is a cool plugin for Feedburner (RSS). 

9 – SEO Slugs | Get It Here

This plugin automatically takes out common words like ‘a’, ‘the’, ‘in’ from post links. Another SEO oriented tool.

10 – SEM Do Follow | Get It Here

Give your blog commentors some link lovin’. This tool adds a do-follow tag to blog comments. In other words, people will want to comment on your posts more because they can get a link back to their blog – and the Spiders will recognize the link.

Do you have some sweet plugins that you think I missed? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks to yoast’s wordpress seo tips for referring me to a lot of these plugins.

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