37Signals – What Does It Mean?

So I bought and have since listened to the book Rework by 37Signals a few days ago. I’m a huge fan. It’s probably my second favorite book directly under the Four Hour Work Week. Instead of giving some lame review of Rework (mostly because I’m too lazy) I thought I’d tell you where the authors came up with the name of their company – 37Signals.

I’ve been paying a lot of attention to 37Signals as of late. I just started using their project management portal, BaseCamp, and have really fallen in love with their product. Anywho, this morning I saw 37Signals tweet about an interview that Jason Fried, Co-Founder of 37Signals, did. He talks about some cool stuff. About how he started out young working lame jobs etc, etc… but the coolest thing of the whole interview can be found in the 7th paragraph where he talks about where they came up with the name, 37Signals, for their company.

“Back in 1999, Carlos was watching an episode of Nova on PBS about the SETI project, which involves the network of radio telescopes in New Mexico that is listening for signs of life in the universe. There are apparently billions of signals and sources of noise out there, but, according to the show, there are 37 signals that remain unexplained. When Carlos told us about that, we all thought it was a really cool idea, so we named the company after that. And, as it turns out, the domain name was also available.”

Sounds like I’m not the only somewhat sane, alien/UFO fan out there after all.

Awesome name. Awesome company. Awesome software. Awesome.

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  • jon

    thanks i was only wondering today about the meaning of 37signals name. Read their rework book was excellent. read it all in one sitting sitting in chapters bookstore lol OH and i love UFOs too lol i have a forum that is just about ufo sightings 🙂

    Ill connect with you on twitter man.

  • Thanks for that info! Anything those guys do is awesome.