Smile Damnit!

Credit: stevendepolo Why is it so hard to smile? Or even worse, to make other people smile? I don’t know if it’s a hard thing for you to do, but it sure is for me. It seems like that for every 30 random people in a social gathering, there is maybe one person (and that’s […]

Start A Roth IRA & Max That Shit Out ASAP!

Alright guys, I try to only share valuable, actionable intelligence with you on this blog, and I feel inclined to give you a quick piece of financial advice that you’ll be happy to have been made privy to. A dude from Primerica (an investment & financial advice company) just stopped by our house to tell […]

Awesome Video About Building Your Brand By Caring – @garyvee

Inspiring info from from Gary Vaynerchuck as usual. Worth a watch for sure. Especially if you’re trying to build a brand. I always have a hardcore reality check every time after I watch one of Gary’s videos. He’s such a real dude. It makes me want to stop being such a douche and start being […]

Just Back It Up…

oh man guys. If you’re ever doing anything with your website, whether it be adding a new ftp user, or deleting old junk, just do yourself a favor and backup your site. Here I am sitting here stressed out, waiting for my web host to restore my site from their nightly backups. I totally just […]

Revolution of My Instant Messaging

Update: I now use Adium. It’s not perfect, but it’s the best IM client to date for Mac that I’m aware of. Update: I now use Digsby instead of Meebo. Same concept, it just works better and has more features (social networking + IM + Email). Just be sure to be careful when you’re going […]

5 Tips To Save Time While You’re Losing It.

Remember that day when you were too lazy to do anything? The day you had LAS (Lazy arms, not ass, syndrome)? I do. It was yesterday, and the day before that, and probably the day before that! Sometimes it’s just hard to keep on ticking when you have a computer job. All that sitting just […]

Put Motivation On Your Desktop

I got this idea from Justin Dupre. I’ve heard it from multiple successful people, but the idea is to keep your goals in front of you as much as possible. Complete with money signs, a white Lamborghini, and me meeting Shoemoney, (and Obama), this is my goal board desktop background. I think it turned out […]