The Official Mark Of The Noob: My Second Affiliate Marketing Check

My first check wasn’t worth mentioning so this is my second. I thought I would carry on the trend of the noob affiliate marketer and post one of my first checks. I made $852.00 from Market Leverage during this particular payment period. I’m only going on my second month as an affiliate marketer, so I don’t think I’m doing too bad. As I stated in earlier posts, Market Leverage is one of the best affiliate marketing companies. Affiliate marketing isn’t easy work, but it’s definitely worth it. Sign up for Market Leverage now and start making some bank. (Alright, start trying to make some bank. It’s all about going big or going home in this business. Good luck!)

About Jeremy Blake

Jeremy is a self-proclaimed socially-awkward penguin living in Utah. He makes money online. As he sleeps.