Why I’m Not Switching From Aweber to MailChimp

Update: Here I am. Reading my own post again. I’m really a fan of Mailchimp (I’m using it a lot for one of my clients) so I often wonder why I still have an Aweber account. Turns out since writing this post, Mailchimp put together a really nice article explaining the particulars of their “no […]

Life After Thesis & Studiopress Themes

The Confession I admit it. I drank the kool-aid. I’ve been in a box for the last two or three (at least) years with my blinders on.

Daily Alerts For Your Niche

We marketers need all the help we can get to stay on top of our niche’s so that we can stay on top of our make money online game. A really cool tool that I just rediscovered called Google Alerts feeds me daily updates of all of the top action going on in my niche. […]

Guest Post Here or You Will Die Tomorrow

I’m getting tired of not having fresh content on this blog. I have quite the love hate relationship going on with blogging. I love it when I actually do it, and when people interact with me through my blog, but I hate it because sometimes it’s just hard to get motivated to write. That’s where […]

Facebook Sign Up Split Test

Really don’t have anything valuable to say about this. Just find it interesting that even Facebook, who probably has millions of sign ups a day, still split tests. They added the “(and always will be)” and switched up how the input field form looks to make it bigger. Kinda interesting.

Watch How Jeremy Schoemaker Kicks People To The Curb Legally

I’ve hinted a few times on this blog about how I was taken to the cleaners legally by a massive company (can’t give any details) a few years ago, so I’m always looking for legal advice and trying to educate myself on how to make myself less vulnerable to being bent over by another high […]

Learn Some Sweet Sales Tactics From Shoemoney

I’ve thought that Shoe was a bad ass ever since I started doing affiliate marketing in early 2008. If you know him at all, you know that he’s always got some new product, or project brewing and if you’re subscribed to his email list you will hear all about what he’s up to. Turns out […]