And again, don’t install Magento on Dreamhost – not even 1.1.3

Dreamhost Doesn’t Play Well with Magento (Even Version 1.1.3)

You Would think that maybe I learned something when I posted the first time about this. Well, I thought I would try again. Since my last post, Magento had a series of updates. The current version being V 1.1.3. I figured that maybe there were some improvements in speed since the release, so I foolishly installed version 1.1.3 on Dreamhost.

Same crap, different day:

And I was surprised? Well, in all fairness to Dreamhost (and Magento) I think it went a little faster, in the beginning, but definitely not fast enough for the casual (shared server) user.

The Reason I tried again was that my former boss, my friend and I are starting a Board Game Website called Empire Board Games. We don’t exactly have a bottomless budget, much on the contrary actually, so we figured that Dreamhost was a more cost effective solution. I wish I wouldn’t have given it another go. Now the website is 90% ready for launch, but how do you launch a website that is slower than a 90 year old lady scooting across the street in her Jazzy? You don’t! Now I have to go through the painful process of transferring the domain from Dreamhost to SimpleHelix. It’s really not all that painful. I’ll detail the process in a later post. It just takes time that I’m not in the mood to take.

About SimpleHelix: I just upgraded my plan from my personal plan to the standard plan. The standard plan lets you have up to 10 domains under that hosting account. Sidenote: Each additional domain costs $7.95. – Not a bad price. So now I’m paying like $250 annually or something like that. $250 sounds like a lot, but when you’re charging your clients $50.00 + annually just for hosting it ads up pretty quick. $50.00 * (5 clients) = $250.00. The rest is profit.

My suggestion to anybody wondering what to do about hosting Magento: Go with SimpleHelix in the beginning and save yourself the hassle.

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  • Darn, I wish I’d read this before spending a good amount of time trying to figure out how to speed things up.

    My main problem with the installation I have on Dreamhost is not being able to come up with any decent performance numbers consistently. Do you know of any way to actually measure the performance? All I seem to come up with “it feels faster” or “slower” today.

    Thanks for the article.

  • I actually almost went down the same path you did in the beginning – trying to configure databases & things for Magento.

    I honestly don’t have any suggestions for a way to actually measure performance. I feel your pain about having the “feeling” that things are running better, but the deep sense that they really aren’t.

    Things aren’t going all that swell for me and a couple of my shops. I tried the latest 1.1.5 upgrade and lost all the customizations I had applied (for the third time). Not to mention those customizations took hours and I’ll have to relearn the majority of them.

    Anyways, I would strongly consider going with simplehelix. They are good about migrating everything so all you have to do is provide them with the information (and pay) and they will do everything else.

    Thanks for reading, and good luck!

  • If you’re wondering how to recover from losing all of your updates upon upgrade, check this post out:

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  • Adam

    Did you try the dedicated server hosting on Dreamhost? I am about to install 1.1.6 and don’t want to waste my time if the site is going to be unusable.

  • Hey Adam,
    Up to this point I have actually only tried hosting Magento on their shared hosting. I do have another store, however (not magento, it’s cre loaded oscommerce) hosted on a dedicated server on Dreamhost and the store is still slower than cold tar. I would probably do a bit more research before going with Dreamhost for your Magento store, dedicated server or not.
    Best of luck.

    I’d love to hear your experience with Magento after it’s all said and done, no matter which option you choose.

    – Jeremy

  • Great point,

    We use SimpleHelix and they have been great, can’t fault them it’s even free to have a development site!

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  • I use simple servers
    Really fast, and support is good. They are uk based.

  • I just moved to simplehelix but I’m still not happy with the speed. You have any s
    ideas on to improve the speed of the site?

    • Hey James, I’m sorry that you’re not happy with Simple Helix, and I wish I would have updated this post to reflect my updated feelings about their hosting. In all honesty, Simple Helix pissed me off so bad with server outages etc… that I finally ditched them for WiredTree. If you just signed up with Simple Helix I think they give a refund if you’re not happy in the first 30 days, but I could be wrong. I don’t really have any tips about speeding up magento though. In my experience, it’s still quite a bit clunky. I have a few stores hosted at WiredTree and I’ve been the most happy with them. Wish you the best.

  • Marco

    I have 3 Magento sites hosted on Dreamhost and suddenly all the product images on the 3 sites are not working!

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