How to Make the Windows 7 Taskbar Suck Less

Now I love good design and stunning aesthetics as much as the next guy, but there comes a point when just because something looks cool, doesn’t mean it’s functional or even desirable. If you’re anything like me, you work with about 500 different programs and messenger windows open at one time in your taskbar. Microsoft […]

4 Awesome Logos – Utah Startups

So I was driving home from Southern Utah yesterday and I noticed some sweet logos on buildings, and billboards. I love looking at the stuff that these companies do to market their services, and I’m particularly fond of the logos below. I think these companies are all utah startups, besides Univar, so here’s a little […]

Fluffy Phones – Windows Mobile Tutorials

  How’s that for hot? (I made that logo. I’m not sure why I went with pink and white, but I think it rocks, and Nathan’s down with it too) My friend Nathan and I just started a sweet blog called Fluffy Phones. This blog is essentially a digest of everything we know about customizing […]

The Rejected Succeed. But Why?

I just had a thought.  We hear stories all the time of people who pitched their “brilliant” ideas to huge corporate executives, only to be laughed out of the building, office etcetera. That story is usually immediately preceeded by a paragraph about that same lowly entrepreneur now being one of the richest and most successful […]

At Taco Bell Drive-Thru On My Diamond

This thing rocks! Mucho recommended! Now i just need to kick this fast food habit and I’ll be set.

Banned From Ebay – “you’re not permitted to use eBay at all.”

Thank you eBay! This actually happened nearly a year ago. How I Got Banned I was listing a product. I listed said product in the wrong category. I think I listed it in “digital products” instead of the proper category “Miscellaneous”. Oooops, my bad! BANNED! Just like that! In months leading up to the ban, […]

How Did I Find Zac Johnson In The First Place? Meet

Credit to my friend Nathan for pointing me to this site. Alongside Zac Johnson’s website, Prosperly has been another huge help in my early ventures into making money online through affiliate marketing. As a matter of fact, if I never read the prosperly blog I would have never ran into Zac Johnson’s site. Adam White […]