Explain This.

Have you ever had the odd experience of learning a new word that you had never in your life heard before, and then, in as little as a few hours later, you happen to hear that same exact word again?

I know I have, and I find it strange. It brings a whole lots of “Why’s?” to mind.

Well if that’s strange, then what I’m about to toss at you will completely freak you out.

I know it did me …

Call it God, call it the law of attraction, call it the order of the universe, call it what you will. All I’m prepared to call it at this point in my life is weird.

I sold my car a few weeks ago, and as such, have been riding around on my little red tricycle to get from point A to B. Thankfully, the furthest I need to travel most of the time is to my mailbox to pick up checks. Anywho …

I went to lunch today with some friends of mine, and while there, learned that a certain friend was selling his car. I bought it on the spot, and then we headed to his house to pick up the title for the car.

As I neared his home, I noticed him in his beater (soon to be my beater), rolling backwards down the driveway. I didn’t know what the crap he was doing, but he’s a peculiar individual, so I just wrote it off as him being himself. 😉

As I got out of my car, borrowed for the day, I cautiously approached my friend rolling backwards down his steeply graded driveway. He motioned for me to get in the car. I swung the door open, sat down, and began to listen to one of the most random life lessons I’ve ever learned. Little did I know, that random lesson would save someone’s life in just a few short hours. Kidding … it’s not that dramatic, but cool nonetheless.

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He shared with me one of the few things that he knows about the mechanics of how to get a car started if the starter won’t work. He’s hardly mechanically inclined, and I, much less so, so the significance that he had something to share with me about cars at all is funny in and of itself. We rolled down the hill that was his driveway backwards one more time. Near the bottom, he popped the clutch, gave the car gas, and the engine started right up.

Cool to know, I guessed. Could come in handy some time, probably long after I would have ever recalled how to make use of the procedure, but I made a mental note nonetheless.

Really guys, why would I ever need to know how to start a car if the starter wouldn’t work? Maybe that’s common knowledge to some of you folks, but for us nerdy individuals, that’s not something that you need to know on a daily basis. What a random thing to learn at such a random time. Random, I say.

After that, he helped me get my newly acquired soon-t0-be Ron Paul pimp-mobile to my house; I took him back to his office, end of story.

New car. New useless random knowledge. Cool.

Fast forward two hours. Literally.

My brother and I decide to go to the store. Mind you, this isn’t a store that we often frequent (like Walmart). We’ve only been to this particular store like twice or three times in our lives, and today would probably be our last visit.

There are two things significant about the preceding paragraph. 1. I hardly EVER leave the house/my home office unless I’m eating, or going to pick up on chicks at the local Walmart. 2. We never go to that store.

So …

I guess you can imagine my surprise when just as we were about to leave the parking lot, a lady parked in a car a few stalls away from my car waves at me from the inside of her car. I look at her with a WTF/leave me alone face, typical me, and she proceeds to get out of her car and jog over to mine.

Her – “Hey, can you do me a big favor?”

Me – “What’s that?”

Her – “Well, my car won’t start, and I don’t know how to get it started. It’s happened before, and I think my friend started it by rolling it backwards or something, but I don’t know how to do it.”

Me – (WTF. Is this a setup?) – “Yeah I think I know how to do it.” (Bonus: I always say I “think” I know how to do crap, when I KNOW how to do it. Something that bugs me about myself.)

So my brother and I get out of my car. I get in her car (anybody that knows me personally might find this significant, because I’m usually an anti-socialite, maybe it’s the anxiety meds lol), and proceed to work my magic.

First try. I had obviously never done this before, having only been briefly schooled on how to do it two hours before. So, I began rolling backwards down the decline that her car was parked on.

Seriously? A decline? The scenario was so similar to that which I had been shown no more than two hours earlier that it blew me away.

Were my skills to observe and then duplicate being tested?

Reminds me of a quote from the movie Zoolander.

First model walks, second model
duplicates, then elaborates.

So I did just what my friend showed me.

The car started right up. The girl was ecstatic, and I was in shock.

I don’t know if I was shocked because the girl was hot (she was), or because I actually did something useful for someone else for once. Or if the fact that something I had just learned two hours earlier was now being tested in a real world, big boy pants situation.

Maybe this doesn’t seem all that significant to you, reading this. I know I couldn’t care less if this didn’t happen to me personally. But I’m slowly starting to believe that there just may be more to life than “shit just happening because it happens.


Give me a break. Even me, doubter of all doubters doesn’t buy into the coincidence explanation this time. Hopefully I won’t slip back into the doubtful me that I usually revert to.

Maybe I need to lay off of my daily glass of Think and Grow Rich.

I’m slowly starting to believe …

About Jeremy Blake

Jeremy is a self-proclaimed socially-awkward penguin living in Utah. He makes money online. As he sleeps.

  • Mom

    Very interesting, Jer. I hope that you won’t slip back into the “doubtful you” that you usually revert to. I love you so much! Mom

  • Some junky guy.

    Glad the tip helped you out. Yeah I’m a unique guy and was glad to help. You don’t want to hear the really odd thing. As I was pulling up to the house to park the car I just felt the sudden urge to tell you how to do that. As I got the urge I thought “hey this beater comes with jumper cables, there is NO reason to show him this trick, when will he every use it”.

    Well for whatever reason I felt some override sensation saying “shut up and show him this , it will only take 2 seconds”. If it seemed eccentric to you that I busted that out at all you can believe I felt stupid showing it to you, as you said I’m not mechanically inclined at all.

    Anyway, its 12:39 AM and I fly out tomorrow and need to catch some shut eye. Laying on an air mattress is lame but I have to try.