How To Hard Reset Your Sprint HTC Diamond – For Sure

It took me probably at least a half hour to find instructions on how to hard reset my HTC Diamond on the internet, and then another 45 minutes to try to get it to work. Most of the instructions on the net are wrong, believe it or not, but this has for the most part already been debunked. But for my personal records, and for the sake of another noob out there who may be wondering how the hell to hard reset his HTC Sprint Diamond, here is how.

1. Turn the Device off.

2. Push the enter button (the soft middle (d-pad) button) + the Volume Down button + the power button.

3. Press and HOLD this 3-button combo until you see a grey screen. Follow the instructions from there.

4. If this doesn’t work, try it again!

This is how to do it, believe it or not. It should only take you a try or two. Just make sure the device is turned OFF before pressing the 3-button combo.

Be Aware: This will delete all the information on your phone (except for the internal storage card).

Don’t come whining to me if you jack something up.

Did this help you? Post your pre-this-post frustrations in the comments.

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  • Isaac

    Hey man;
    Thank you so much for this post.I went through exactly what u did and finally came across this post and the second time i tryed it worked.Thanx a million!!!

  • No problem, bro. Glad it helped you out. I tried a billion times as well. Have fun flashing!

    I’m hoping Juicy or Mighty release a new ROM some time soon.

  • Ross

    Wow, this worked, other instructions on the web didn’t (vol down, enter, reset). Thank you! Not sure if this is because I was using a MOD Rom.

  • Maps

    Great!!! Thank you very much. It worked perfect.

  • Glad I could help. 🙂

  • chris espinal

    Great Info, down to the point and exact. Worked first try. Thanks

  • Glad I could help. 🙂 If you have any other questions, you may want to check out my Windows Mobile Tutorial blog:

  • clint

    I had the exact same problem, thank you so much for the simple directions! Strange how the other methods, though similiar, didn’t work. I agree it must be because of a cooked ROM.

  • Merideth

    Thanks :]

    My phone would freeze up at the loading touch flo 3d screen and this solved the problem :]

    once again thanks so much
    your advice was the only one that actually worked

    • No problem. Really glad that I could help out.

  • thank u so much your the best

  • Osbaldo29

    thank you so much. ive been serching how to do it but all i found was the other diamond reset . Again THANK YOU!!!!

  • tandramartan

    I have a htc diamond and I can reset it I try the down vol & middle button but I didn’t see a grey screen is there another way.

    • That’s the only way I know of. Keep trying! Sometimes it takes practice.

    • Kevaughn Unrulii Thomas

      How to unfreeze it. It stuck in the start up mode

  • Adam

    I get the grey screen to pop up but after it does the restore if goes back to the boot screen an freezes…. I assume keep trying or see how well it does with garbage disposal reboot mode

    • hmmmmm…I’d try flashing to a different rom, or relocking your phone, then unlock it, then flash to a different rom.

  • Sonya

    THANK YOU!! I was trying to hard reset my phone for an hour and it took 3 seconds to complete after I read your post. Thanks again! 🙂

    • haha/ We’ve all been there. No problem; glad I could help.

  • Help Me

    Ive tried all the hard set techniques online and none seem to work for me. I still end up with a green screen that says Windows Mobile. Its frozen and no buttons work. Ive also tried soft reset too, but nothing seems to work. This phone is new. and I have not downloaded any applications onto the phone. Please help. The store where I purchased this is no help. Its new but said there would be a fee if wanted to fix it … go figure.

  • Ben Campbell

    Thanks worked perfectly!

  • Vector

    I think there is one secret missing here. Based on reading and testing, I think you also need to be on battery and the battery has to be more than 50% charged. I did this over and over again and go a 4-color screen that said security had been unlocked, but nothing else until my battery was charged. Then it worked as advertised.

  • frizzle

    wtf it didnt work u fukcin suck u fag!……………………..april fools it worked great thanks haha

  • Tash

    Would have to say that the htc diamond is the biggest piece of crap. It wont soft reset or hard reset . all though yesterday my screen wasnt working today it is but wont show text just lights up!! Have tried countless websites and countless resets. Throwing it at a wall seems a better option! I tried yo turn it off but when it wont nd i take the batt out n put it in screen lights up so yeah my advice!
    BUY AN IPHONE like i did today

  • Dipshit

    The only thing I can get it to do is restart when doing this. For the love of God what am I doing wrong

    • lol. All I can say is try again and again. It will speed up the process if you just take the battery out of your phone every time to turn it off quickly. Remember, the phone has to be off. Also, I’m not sure if the diamond is available on other carriers, but this probably only works for the sprint version.

  • Owen

    Thanks man this actually worked every other website tell me a bunch of crap but i got my hone to work THANKS A MILLION

  • nik

    how to hard reset if my phone in unlock mode

  • Willo

    OK, so why to we even have to reset sooo much. My phone gets excessively hot. It turns on all by itself in the middle of the night (no, I didn’t get an e-mail or voicemail). It locks up while charging. The battery drains in 2-4 hours. I know that it’s a Windows enviro, but Geezzzz, does it have to seriously crash 3-4 times a day with the only recovery being to rip out the battery and start over?
    Is anyone having such problems because everytime that I go to the Sprint store, it’s the same story “no, we’ve never had any problems with this phone”.

    • I’ve come to the conclusion that windows phones just suck. I recently converted to iPhone (4) and I love it. You can do 100x more than you can with a windows phone AND the battery will last all day (or a lot longer!) depending on use. Sure, it sucks paying $100 bucks a month for the plan, but it comes down to getting what you pay for.

  • Rick Andersen

    After trying other methods shown on other sites, this one worked great.

  • Jade

    Perfection dude, thank you!

  • Juice’