How To Unlock, Flash, Sprint Touch PRO To Mighty ROM


Use what I’m about to say more as personal advice rather than an in-depth tutorial.

This will give basic (pretty noob friendly) instructions on how to flash the SPRINT TOUCH PRO to the Mighty ROM.

——-Always READ READ READ instructions on forums before you do anything to your phone if you’re a noob.

——-What I’m about to tell you will (flash) erase everything from your phone! Usually the only thing I care about backing up before I do this is my contacts, and the best program for this is PIM Backup which can be found here: To get this on your phone, go to the link I just provided, download the “” (or whatever it is), wait for it to download, extract the files by using 7-zip (instructions provided under the “unlock” instructions below), connect your phone to your computer using activesync, and place the ppcpimbackup file on your phone’s storage card. Then disconnect your phone from your computer, navigate to the file you just put on it using the file explorer (on your phone) and install the program by tapping on it. Then go to “all programs” (on your phone) and open PIMBackup. Select “backup” from the little dropdown menu, and select your options. Make sure you place the backup on your STORAGE CARD so it survives the flash. When you make a backup with PIMBackup, it will create a little file that you will need to open back up to get your contacts. Now that you have the backup of your contacts, you can proceed to the unlocking, and flashing.

There are basically 3 steps to installing the Mighty ROM on your Touch PRO.

1. Unlock the thing.

– Go here:
and go to the bottom of the first post on that thread and download the “” P.S. you’ll need to sign up for to be able to download this file. ONLY DOWNLOAD THAT FILE IF YOU HAVE THE TOUCH PRO FROM SPRINT! All other devices, will have to do their own research.

– As you can see, the file you’re downloading is a .zip file, so you will probably need to install 7-zip or some program that allows you to extract .zip files. Just go to the 7-zip install link (previous sentence) and download the .exe file and install it. If you don’t know how to do that, then you should probably think twice before flashing your ROM. Nonetheless, even the noobest of noobs can accomplish all things, so hang in there.

– Once you have 7-zip installed, find the “” folder on your computer wherever you downloaded it to, right-click it and “7-zip” > “Extract to ‘’”.

– Make an ActiveSync connection by plugging your phone into your computer.

– Find the folder that contains the extracted Raphael_CDMA_HSPL_037 file inside it.

– When your phone is connected via ActiveSync, open the Raphael_CDMA_HSPL_037 file by double-clicking it.

– Follow the instructions it provides.

2. Flash the ROM

– Now that your Sprint phone is unlocked (using the instructions provided above), go to this URL: and download the Mighty ROM by clicking the big yellow (at least it is right now) “DOWNLOAD” button.

– The download may take some time, but when you have finished downloading the file, you will need to extract the contents. See the 7-zip instructions above for extracting. It’s the same process.

– Now connect your phone to your computer again and make an ActiveSync connection. Open the “Custom_RUU” file inside of the “mightyrom_” folder by double-clicking.

– This will bring up instructions similar to when you unlocked your phone. Follow the instructions and wait until it’s done flashing.

– Do the usual windows mobile setup by taping the screen to align it and what not when prompted. The first time you start the phone after a flash it will go super-slow. Be patient.

– If your phone won’t flash for some reason, you probably didn’t bother to unlock it. Go back to the first step. If you did do that and your phone is jacked up, don’t blame me. You better hope that it breaks suddenly so you have an excuse to use your insurance – not advocating insurance fraud, jus’ sayin.’ Once you unlock your phone, it is void of Sprint’s software insurance warranty, so don’t call them crying about how you bricked your phone.

3. Restore your contacts

– Reinstall the PPCPimbackup program the same way you installed it before the flash. Now click “restore” from the little drop-down menu. Now navigate to the file that you saved when you backed up your contacts. It will be wherever you saved it on your storage card. Then finish whatever else it tells you to do. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Now your contacts should be back on your phone.

4. Enjoy how super-quick your new ROM is compared to Sprint’s ROM.

Once you go through this process once, you will probably be addicted. That is – you will want to flash to multiple ROMs to see which one is the fastest and most bug-free. To flash to another ROM all you will have to do is download it and extract it (like in step 2). In other words: you only need to unlock your phone once.



Feel free to post any other questions or comments.

[General Instructions on how to flash the Touch Pro as provided by PPCGeeks]

Lots of other tutorials like this one on my new site: Fluffy Phones

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  • Eric

    I have an HTC touch pro. and I tried this. When I installed mighyrom it came to 100% then my phone restarted. But it locked on booting screen, it just says “touch pro”. I tried hard and soft reset.
    I got no error messages while i unlocked it or installed rom.

    I’m i fucked or can I do something about this?

    • rt

      have got a similar problem with my sprint htc touch pro. after installing a rom all iI can get is a black screen with Touch Pro. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • Hey dude, I just sent you an email. I’ll try to help you out, but no guarantees.

  • Sammie

    Nice work Jeremy. The instructions are very precise. I unlocked my Pro using your guide. Now, shouldn’t I backup my original ROM (stock ROM?) on to my PC, before loading a custom ROM? You know, in case I have to send this phone back to Sprint.

  • Hey Sammie,

    Glad the guide worked for you!

    There should be no need to backup the stock ROM. You should be able to find the stock (sprint) ROM somewhere else on the internet if you ever decide to flash back to it. (not to mention I don’t know how to backup the stock ROM/I don’t know if it’s possible.) I think this thread may contain the stock Sprint ROM for the Touch Pro. Not 100% sure though.

    If you’re wondering about how to re-lock the device (so Sprint doesn’t know you flashed), that’s another story. I think it’s easy though. Comment back if you need me to help you find a re-locker.

    I hope that helped.


  • Sammie

    Very fast response 🙂 Yes, that link does give the stock ROM.
    On another note, what do you think of KK’s loaded ROM as compared to your fav mighty Mike’s ROM, found at
    And, a cooked ROM comes with its own Radio ROM too. Right?

  • Hmmm…I have never heard of KK’s Rom, but I looked at that link and it looks decent. I actually don’t own a Touch PRO myself, just the diamond. I flashed the Touch PRO for my brother (he has it) so I figured I would make a guide here.

    If you’re comfortable with flashing ROMs now, I’d say go for KK’s ROM and if you don’t like it, switch back. Flashing ROMs almost turns into a sick hobby. I rarely go a week without flashing my phone to a new ROM. It’s kind of a pain to restore contacts and everything, but it makes for a good time as well. 😉

    If you switch to KK’s ROM, I’d like to know what you think of it.

  • Frank

    I have a sprint htc touch phone and i need to flash it. Its already on the cricket network because i got the phone from a friend who was using it on the cricket network when cricket did the *228 thing it screwed up the flashing. I cant text some people unless they text me first i cant use the internet. But when my friend had the phone he was able to use all the features. PLease help thank you

  • Hey Frank,

    I’m really not sure what to tell you other than to research it on the net. I’d be interested to know how, if you get the touch pro working on Cricket.

    Good luck.

  • David

    Hey, this is just semantics, but you might want to check your instructions. And I quote “Make sure you place the backup on your INTERNAL STORAGE so it survives the flash.”… Might catch a few noobs.

  • I appreciate the suggestion, David.

  • Sammie

    I tried both the ROMs – KKs and Mighty Mike. Here’s my finding. KKs ROM (Ver. 1.8) is loaded (as he says). It has tons of games, and features and setting utilities and then some more. Touch Flo3D is also decent, and he has used the scroll wheel in many more ways (e.g. scrolling thru contacts). You will have fun exploring thru all the goodies this ROM provides. Found browsing thru contacts to be unstable, sometimes.
    Mighty Mike’s ROM (Ver. 4.16) is more for like business professionals. It gives us what we want from TouchFLO and scroll wheel, but it doesn’t have all those fanfare, but still is powerful and fixes whatever we can expect from our Touch Pro. YouTube crashes sometimes.
    Note: I only tried both for few days, so couldn’t explore each and every corner.

  • Cool!

    Thanks for taking the time to report back, Sammie! 🙂

  • P.S. I would suggest you try Juicy’s ROM for the pro. It looks awesome.




  • Hey Lucci,

    Sorry man, I’m really not sure about that one. You may have to take it to the store, but doing a bit of online research before probably wouldn’t hurt. I’d just call up a Cricket store and tell them the situation and ask if they have any advice.

    Good luck and I’d be interested to know how it goes for you.

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  • Sammie

    Jeremy, would you know what is the deal with the GPS part of Touch Pro on Sprint? I mean, is there a GPS receiver in the phone? And if there is one, are we charged for it by Sprint (on a SERO 500 min, unltd. data plan)? And do you use any of the GPS functionality?

    • Hey Sammie,

      There is a GPS receiver on the Touch PRO. I know that you can use it with Sprint’s navigation program but I think that costs like 10 bucks (or more) extra per month. What I would suggest is getting Google Maps (latitude). You can get it pretty easily by going here: Then once that program loads, all you have to do is click menu or something and “enable gps.” It should be that easy, but if you have issues, feel free to come back and follow up. Good luck!

  • Stacey

    Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for this post. I’ve spent like the past 5 hrs trying to figure out what you helped me do in less then 30 min. again thanks alot for breaking it down into pretty noob terms so that even i could do it. new rom works awesome too

    • Hey,

      No problem, Stacey.

      Glad I could help! I wish I actually had a Touch PRO myself. I’m stuck with the (keyboardless) Diamond for now. All of my brothers are really liking theirs and it sounds like you are too!

  • Jeremy,

    After unlocking and flashing the new ROM, what would happen if you perform a hard-reset (holding vol-down and enter while booting)? Would it be back to a factory-reset just as it was when it came out of the box from Sprint, or does it flash to a “clean install” of the new ROM?

  • Hey Geeklad,

    If you hard reset after you flash, it will not go back to the factory default. You will have to flash back to the stock Sprint ROM.

    Hope that helped!

  • Yep, thanks!

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  • mike

    hi admin

    you are doing an awesome job. i just had a question. it may sound stupid enough, but i am a noob. so there you go

    i just got sprint touch pro. i use att carrier, is it possible to unlock touch pro to be used with att.

    sprint is cdma, while att is gsm. can it be swapped? that is use sim card of att on sprint’s htc touch pro?

    would appreciate if you could throw some light on this.


  • Mike,

    No. That is IMPOSSIBLE. There are GSM, and CDMA Phones. There are also hybrids with both GSM and CDMA. (the touch pro 2 will be hybrid)

    The Sprint Touch Pro does NOT have a SIM card slot, and the GSM version does. Sorry Mike, but you’re screwed.

    This is the very reason CDMA folks want an iPhone or something similar so bad. Because you can jailbreak an ipod (see if you want to) and use with AT&T or T-Mobile. But not Verizon or Sprint.

    Nathan’s last blog post..Hulu Desktop Released For Windows/Mac

  • lodge833

    whats up br. yo post was cool. once you flash to a new rom how in the hell do you get sprint navigation back on the phone also the picture mail that came with it as well

  • Hey Lodge,

    I’m not exactly sure as I’ve never used Sprint Navigation after flashing my phone. You may try Googling ‘Sprint Navigation .cab’ and see what you can find.

  • arkiej

    does this same tutorial apply to the diamond? i’m getting a diamond in next week and i need an idiot’s guide for this phone. i am super noob, but you cant help but love us!

  • Hello arkiej,

    This tutorial doesn’t directly apply (but almost). I have created another guide specifically for the Diamond over on my other blog, Fluffy Phones.

    Check out the tutorial here:

  • arkiej

    Wow. Thank you so much for your detailed instructions. I appreciate it so much!

  • Glad to help!

  • Desolator4u

    Sup man?
    I live in Jamaica and I am considering getting a Touch Pro in Orlando. I just read what Mike asked, about using it on another network that uses SIM cards. Are there two different Touch Pros? Those that use SIM cards, and some that don’t?

    And if there are that uses SIM cards, unlocking it will simply make the phone work on any band it supports?
    Thanks in advance guys

  • cad

    Good instructions but running into problem.

    Right after unlocking the phone with Raphael_CDMA_HSPL_037, the phone wont sync, keep giving error “Waiting for network”.
    Any suggestions?

  • kristy

    im a lil slow when it comes to flashin and all. but can u possibly tell me how to sprint applications back on a touch pro that has been flashed and mighty rom added? is that even possible? i got the phone with mighty rom added but have sprint service and cant use any apps cuz they r gone.(sorry 4 my text lingo) plz help. i would b sooo grateful. if u need 2 contact me by phone just let me kno and ill send my #.

  • @Desolator: I really don’t think there are SIM cards for the Pro’s. I’m really not sure though. You will probably need to do a bit of Googling around on that. Unlocking in the context I use it just means taking off the Sprint protection to allow you to flash different ROM’s on the phone. Sorry I couldn’t be more help, man. Good luck!

    @cad: I’m not terribly sure…You may want to check this thread out: If that particular thread doesn’t help, PPC Geeks is a great source for information, and I’m sure someone there would help you out if you posted your issue. Best luck!

    @kristy: You may want to flash to a different ROM, actually. What apps specifically do you need, or want? Like the navigation and stuff? You can find the stock (shipped) Sprint Touch Pro (CDMA) ROM here: Between that link, and my guide above, you should be able to figure it out. If you’re still having issues, feel free to hit the contact button at the top of this page and email me. Good luck.

  • Robert

    Hey thanks for posting this! I have a quick question though, I am a noob and want to flash the mighty rom to my touch pro however it is already fully flashed to cricket and working internet and pic mail, will flashing a different rom mess that up?

  • Hey Robert,

    I’m really not sure about the Cricket thing. I think that it would probably mess it up. That being said just because I don’t think Mighty has a Cricket version of his ROM. That being said, I’d be interested to know what you find out! Let me know.

  • Cheytat

    Can you put new themes on this rom? I tried to put a theme on with a cab. enabled the touch flo 3d from the today menu. It did not work and then it lost all of the original themes and would not default. I had to end up hard reset back and start over. I have not tired to add a theme. Also how can you put sprint tv on this? Or should I use another rom? If so do I need to reflash back to stock sprint first?

  • Josh

    go to this thread for all you sprint peeps out there.

    it has all the cab files for gps, sprint tv, ect from the stock rom.


  • Anuj

    I keep getting Error [222] Device not responding when I try to install Mighty ROM 6. I was able to successfully unlock my HTC Pro. I have checked all connections and they all seem to be working fine. Please help…

    • I think I had this problem once. Try taking out your SD card and trying again. Sounds stupid, but I think that’s the deal. Either take it out, or put it in. Try it both ways. Let me know if it helps.

  • Brandon

    When I installed my rom it came to 100% then my phone restarted. But it stopped on booting screen, it just says “touch pro” can you help me please

    • Koreana

      I have the same problem… i’ve updated rom before and never ran into this problem… did you ever get any advice? HELP~ *sigh*

      • Koreana


        managed to reinstall stock rom and now, all’s well.

  • NathanG

    Quick question.
    I have a Touch Pro that I flashed to Cricket and have been using for several months. I’m going today to Sprint to get their service instead of Cricket. How do I get my phone Sprint ready?

    Thanks much


    • Hey Nathan, I’d just flash back to the stock Sprint Touch Pro ROM and re-lock the phone. Best luck!

  • i was unlocking my phone (the HTC Touch Pro 2 ) and I was using a Diamond unlocker , but during the process there was a connection error and now my phone seems to be bricked. I can’t get it to even turn on, get to a bootloader screen, or anything even remotely close.
    The one odd thing that it does though, is when I connect it to my computer, it pops up and my computer recognizes there is a device there. In my Device Manager there is an unknown device called: Qualcomm CDMA Technologies MSM. I have tried every combination of two buttons, including holding down the reset button with all of them, but nothing gets me anywhere.
    If anyone could help, I would really appreciate it. there’s eny way to save it??? 🙁

  • JW

    Thanks alot. I bought a “new?” HTC PRO off craigslist. It looked great. I went to load the Might ROM and keep getting locked at the “unlocked” screen. Followed your instructions and boom, installed the Sprint 6.5 ROM perfectly. Thanks Again

  • jay

    hey admin. thanks for the step by step really appreciated your work.
    it’s you guys who we should be paying.
    i downloaded the “MightyROM6_Herman.exe” (for the sprint touch pro) i followed all your instructions. it worked for about 1 day and it reset itself. the phone doesn’t go past the “TOUCHpro” screen!!!! heeeeeeeeeeeeeeellpppp!!!
    (i guess you know by now that i”m a noob)

  • T

    i sent you a friends request on facebook

  • Help Me Please

    Please help me. I am trying to remove Mighty ROM so I can send it back to Sprint. I have a Touch Pro and there is no menu for me to get to the security to remove it. What else can I try?

  • channon

    I brought a sprint touch pro and the owner did not disconnect the service. Can i still unlock it to use with my t-mobile srvice and sim card using these instructions for unlocking?

  • channon

    sorry I brought it from ebay Sprint pro touch 2. I for got to put that in the last post

  • joel

    I have a question about HTC Pro touch , I had for long time Mighty Rom running with out problems on my phone , but now for some reason I can not have internet access , so I was at the Store and they just flag my phone , what I need to do now is go back to the original software , DO YOU KNOW HOW TO COME BACK TO THE ORIGINAL TOUCH PRO SOFTWARE??

    Please somebody help =(

  • maurice

    hey i got the htc touch pro by sprint an i have followed all your steps and everyrthing seems to work except when i got to install might rom it full installs to 100% on my phone denn [error 244] pops up n says invalded model id and that the update utitility cannot be used for our pda phone anyone can help me

  • waleed

    hii recently witched to the mighty rom but i dont no how to get my picture mail back. please helo me out

  • jeff

    omg i freakin love you!!! you are awesome!!! o btw the link to the mightyrom6 on the page after i clicked on the link from your page doesnt work i had to go to to get it! but still awesome job for a noob like me!!!!!

    • Thanks Jeff. Glad I could help out & thanks for the updated information.

  • David

    Awesome! File downloads and works like a charm. Now off to play with the new skin in 6.5. 🙂

  • sivap

    Dear Friend,
    Recently i bought a mobile sprint HTC Touch Pro2 XV6875 form usa. this is CDMA model.
    i want to use this mobile in india.. can this model unlock by your tutorial. Please help me thanks.