How to View and Edit Hidden Files on Mac (.htaccess, etc…)

Update: Screw everything I just said.

My friend who helped out in the last post I made, helped out again with this one.

Screw Houdini (the program I tell you to get below), get TotalFinder instead. Then to show hidden files, open up the finder, then CMD+Shift+”.” (minus quotes). Kick ass.

Also, if you’re not using TotalFinder, you can enable hidden files like this:

Start your “Terminal”
type “defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE” and enter (without the quote)
type “killall Finder” and enter (without quote)

Then to turn off the ability to see hidden files, just put “FALSE” in where it says True, up above.

Thanks Jordan

This is How To View and Edit Hidden Files on Mac OSX

I surely hope this post ranks first in google for this question because I searched all over a couple of times and couldn’t find an answer, when in reality, it’s a simple as downloading a little app called Houdini.

Just download Houdini here, open it up, and then click on the “Toggle File Visibility” folder.

This will allow you to see and modify hidden files like .htacccess.

Sorry if you were looking for a more technical solution. 🙂

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