I Won Some Zac Johnson Swagg. You Can Too!

This isn’t the first time I’ve won one of Zac Johnson’s Twitter contests. Last time I won $100 bucks from the Motive Interactive contest, and this time I won the MoneyReign T-Shirt pack with lots of other sweet stuff! It seems that the slots are loose, as it were with the Zac Johnson Twitter contests!

Freak, it’s so easy to “apply” to win too! All you have to do is Tweet the following statement:

I just entered to win a ton of prizes from ZacJohnson.com! You can too, just follow @moneyreign and retweet http://xr.com/zacblog

If you aren’t already on Twitter, then read my post about why you should use Twitter, and then stop being a non-conformist and get an account! It takes all of two seconds and if for no other reason, sign up to send the Tweet above to enter the Zac Johnson contest.

The official contest post on the Zac Johnson Blog

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