Shoemoney Redesigns Blog. Looks Like Every Other Thesis Site on The Web.

Haters gonna hate… So I was excited when I saw Chris Pearsons tweet about Shoemoney redesigning his whole site with Thesis. I thought maybe, just maybe I’d see a stunning variation on the bare bones look of Thesis that I’m so used to seeing. Nope. You see, I used to be part of the Thesis […]

37Signals – What Does It Mean?

So I bought and have since listened to the book Rework by 37Signals a few days ago. I’m a huge fan. It’s probably my second favorite book directly under the Four Hour Work Week. Instead of giving some lame review of Rework (mostly because I’m too lazy) I thought I’d tell you where the authors […]

Random 5 Day Fast Starts . . . Now!

Credit: Stéfan Update: This bad boy only lasted 2 full days. I woke up with a super bad headache on the second day and figured I’d better stop. Still want to go the full 5 days though. I’ve been feeling really lazy, unproductive, and unhealthy lately. It doesn’t help that my job allows requires me […]

My Next Big Investment

Alright, so why did I just invest several thousands of dollars buying a car? What I really needed was one of these. I spend far more time sitting at a computer than I do in my car. Seriously though, I’m buying one. I’ll be the biggest nerd in all of Utah…and proud of it. This […]

Blog Updates

I’ve largely neglected this blog for the past couple of months just because I’ve been more focused on building up websites that are working well for me. But I’m going to try to start posting more regularly here and sharing some tips about stuff I’ve been learning. To kick off my return, lets mention a […]


Mallard Clothing Company is a venture that my friend, my brother, and I have been pursuing for the last year or so. Mallard carries skate decks, skate shirts (girls, and guys), and we will continue to push our product line as far as the Universe allows. Considering the idea that the Universe is limitless, this […]

Magento Host Popularity Poll Results: Nobody Wins

So I ran this poll for about five days and I got a whopping 9 votes. WiredTree remains to be my favorite Magento Hosting Company to date. Simple Helix is also a very good Magento Web Host. Who hosts your Magento store? Let me know in the comments below.