Just Back It Up…

oh man guys. If you’re ever doing anything with your website, whether it be adding a new ftp user, or deleting old junk, just do yourself a favor and backup your site. Here I am sitting here stressed out, waiting for my web host to restore my site from their nightly backups. I totally just deleted my holy grail site that has made me a consistent $X,XXX a month so far this year.

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How I got in this predicament:

With the success of my site, I’ve had a few ideas for custom development to better meet the needs of my visitors. Yesterday I posted a job on elance to finally get a custom project underway for my site. Fast forward to today…about an hour ago when I awarded someone the job. I figured I’d do everything right this time with outsourcing development work. This included scolding the developer to make a backup (or two) of my site before making any changes just in case anything went wrong because I couldn’t afford anything to go wrong with this site.

So I award the job. I make him his own login to my WordPress site, then I figure I’ll make him a custom FTP Login so that I won’t have to share mine with him (not like it even really matters!) So I make him a login, but I try it out and I didn’t give him access to the public_html folder. So I did a few other things (wasn’t really paying attention) and I ended up seeing this message:

Are you sure you wish to delete the FTP account (……)?

Yes | Yes & Remove All Files in /home/…/public_html Two options.

I wasn’t really paying attention, so guess which one I clicked? Yep. I deleted the whole damn public_html folder of my website. This sucks. Funny that I should have been more concerned with telling myself to back up the site than telling the developer.

Anyways…WiredTree (excellent, on the ball web host by the way) is in the process of restoring my site to one of their server backups from earlier today. Awesome that they have a backup, cause I sure as heck didn’t. Every time I go through this freaky process I always tell myself that it will never happen again. I always tell myself to back up the site before doing anything that may cause damage. But I’m pretty awesome so I never think that anything bad will happen. And it always does.

All of my eggs are pretty much in one basket right now, and the only good thing that has come out of this downtime is making me realize that I totally need to diversify my web portfolio. My goal is to build a website that does $500 daily…in addition to the site that is doing well for me now. (no, my site isn’t doing $500/day right now…but I’m working real hard to get it there)

Save yourself the mental anguish. Make daily backups of your databases, and at least bi monthly backups of the files on your server.

Just back it up…

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Jeremy is a self-proclaimed socially-awkward penguin living in Utah. He makes money online. As he sleeps.

  • Hi Jeremy,

    Maybe we can work out on a offsite backup with my company (AM Technology & Systems) to make daily backups of your server. We have one of our servers in Wiredtree too and we make daily backups to an offsite server in USA. As one wisdom old man said, “The ackups are not important unless you need them” hehe. I hope the WiredTree guys fixed this thing up for you.

    Take care and we are in touch via MSN 🙂

    Best regards,
    Andres Montalban
    AM Technology & Systems

    • haha. I like the quote.

      WiredTree did rescue me yet again thankfully. Maybe I’ll chat with you about backing my stuff up. Can’t be too careful with the bad experiences I’ve had lately… 🙂