Keepin’ it Real – Listening To Cool Music – The Offspring Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace

I’ve been posting a lot lately about business related stuff, so I figured I would take a break and post about something near and dear to my nerdy little heart – Music.

The Offspring just released a new CD called Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace. I recently acquired this CD and I rate it 4 thumbs up. That rating is only good for the first 500 times listening through the cd. Thereafter it just gets two thumbs up. If you like The Offspring, you should definitely check it out. Same Offspring sound, with a nice little twist that I quite enjoy.

Give it a listen:

Just for the record: I don’t know why, but I googled “keepin’ it real”. Urban Dictionary was among the first in the search results, so I clicked on it. This is the definition I got: To be true to oneself; to rep for ones own hood. Good stuff! Pretty tight, eh? I guess I’m “repping” for my hood posting about The Offspring. Word to my Mom.

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