Life After Thesis & Studiopress Themes

The Confession

I admit it.

I drank the kool-aid.

I’ve been in a box for the last two or three (at least) years with my blinders on.

I was under the distinct impression that if a blog / website wasn’t developed on either Thesis, or Studiopress that it just sucked. Plain and simple. Well, my friends. As great as Thesis & Studiopress both are, I came to a realization the other day — with the help of Utah Internet Marketer Dave Parkinson — that *gasp* there are OTHER options out there. Thesis and Studiopress are not the only WordPress frameworks / themes that pay astute attention to SEO & design detail.

The Rub

(^I hate that expression)

So what is this crazy talk?

If there really are other WordPress themes on the web that are as great as, if not *doublegasp* better than Thesis / Studiopress then what are they. No, WHERE are they?

Let me introduce to you, ThemeForest (affiliate link). Sort by Rating and you are sure to find some winners. I have lately, and I’ve gotta admit, I think I’m done with developing with Thesis / Studiopress for now.

While they are both great themes, there are better options out there. The only reason that I am just noticing this is because back when I started blogging, there really weren’t any great theme options. So I plugged in to what was the best at the time, Thesis & Studiopress, then put my blinders on, and chugged along.

Both frameworks have served me well, but I think it’s time to move on.

All this really means is that you can expect for this site to be redesigned in the next few months. 🙂

Author: Jeremy Blake

Jeremy is a self-proclaimed socially-awkward penguin living in Utah. He makes money online. As he sleeps.

2 thoughts on “Life After Thesis & Studiopress Themes”

  1. I hate studio press now. They sold out, they took down their support forum, they do NOT! want to help the little guy anymore, they will not, and I mean will not help you with anything now unless it is very specific theme related, nothing else. They are cold hearted now and I seriously an furious at them after 8 years with Brian, he just left the little guy in the dirt. They have a user run forum that is a JOKE. Good luck getting any help and any support from Brian Gardner and his staff and his new boss Copyblogger. I hate watching awesome companies sell out and stop helping people. I know they got sick of it and it is a lot of work, but I am so mad.

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