A Good Classical / Piano Music Channel on Pandora

I’ve been looking for a good peaceful music channel on Pandora for a while now. There’s this new dude I just discovered called Jim Brickman that is a complete stud on the piano. If you like piano-ish / classical / peaceful / pansy music at all, I’d suggest adding the Jim Brickman station to your […]

Are You Gangster Enough To Appreciate This?

T.I. is a baller.  Awesome music video. Awesome Ferrari. I’ll own one some day. You should too.

Free Angels & Airwaves New CD [LOVE]

UPDATE: Looks like they have removed the free download. I’m sure you can google around and find it available somewhere. I love music more than just about anything nowadays. Angels & Airwaves is one of my favorite bands. If you don’t know anything about them, it’s Tom’s (from Blink 182) new band that he started […]

Keepin’ it Real – Listening To Cool Music – The Offspring Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace

I’ve been posting a lot lately about business related stuff, so I figured I would take a break and post about something near and dear to my nerdy little heart – Music. The Offspring just released a new CD called Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace. I recently acquired this CD and I rate it […]

This song rocks! Peace rocks too. Did I just say that?

I’m a Republican; I shouldn’t be saying that. I don’t know why, but this song has grown on me. I just happened upon it while listening to Pandora (this site rocks). I created a “station” called “Jack Johnson” and this song played. It kicks some trash. This kid is a pimp too. How old is […]

Currently hitting the spot for me. Tupac – Changes

Put aside your “I’m not listening to rap” pride and click “play” already. Have you ever listened to music because you get a “special” feeling when you listen to it? Maybe it’s because I’ve been researching 2pac lately, but if you listen to the lyrics it’s actually quite insightful and “touching” if you will. It […]

Angels & Airwaves I Empire. My Review.

I was trying to think of something amazing to write for my first post on this new blog. But I was thinking “what could be a better topic to start off with than a review on a great cd?” I would say music makes up at least 50% of the person that I have become […]