MySQL Server Won’t Start on MAMP (RED LIGHT!) Mac OSX

If you can’t figure out why the MySQL Server won’t turn on if you’re using MAMP to do local development work, it could be because there are conflicting instances of a process called “mysqld” running on your system.

Here’s the really simple solution to this problem, as can be found in this forum here.

However, instead of making you search for it . . .


  1. Open up the program called Activity Monitor on your Mac. Just search for it, or it’s under Utilities I think.
  2. Search for a process called “mysqld“.
  3. Click on that process and “Quit Process” that bastard.

Now open MAMP back up and start the MySQL Server. Should turn green. Hopefully that helped.

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  1. Worked perfectly! Thanks!

  2. Worked perfect! So easy, thank you so much!!!

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  5. I had to do Force Quit, and that finally did it.

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    I am just learning about web dev now and was installing joomla and the mysql just stopped saw quite a few solutions but they were too technical. I hope you become as Warren Buffet

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    “Quit Process” that bastard.


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  26. you are a lifesaver mate. Thanks very much. Seems like a common porblem.

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  42. I have tried both methods above – through Activity monitor force quitting mysqld and via terminal typing the killall command, but the MYSQL server won’t start. Apache starts fine. Any other suggestions? Thanks

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  50. Nathan Gassman says:

    Perfect! It worked..(Got rid of Red Lite..MySQL Server) THANKS!!

    also…I found out a solution for this error…
    Solution For Error =

    You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘TYPE=MyISAM’ at line 9 on line: 1471

    YES..Thanks theaussiepea!

    Correction: It is connected to the WordPress Automatic Upgrade Plug-in

    As soon as I Deactivate this plug-in, the problem (for me, as I described it) disappears. All plug-ins deactivate and activate normally..Wordpress 3.3 Upgrade

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  61. Freddy Hidalgo-Monchez says:

    Great! if I had money, I would paypal you some for sure. Life saver…

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  63. Thanx man !!

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  65. Spent HOURS on this…..I’d buy you a case of beer !

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    re Ron Paul, I’m a die hard Dem, but Ron Paul is definitely my favorite Republican of the bunch. :)

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  72. you are a star……..5 hours and i’ve sorted in 2 minutes…….cheers bud

  73. Thank you – such a simple solution for a potentially hair pulling problem.

  74. Thank you – such a simple solution for a potentially hair pulling problem.

  75. Thanks for posting this. Just had this issue and coincidentally, I DID donate to Ron Paul earlier today.

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    So am I breaking something on the mac by killing this process?

  101. LMFAO @ “Click on that process and “Quit Process” that bastard.” ….sure enough it works lol. THANK YOU. now, wheres the PP button?

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  105. Thanks so much….it so great when something is fixed easily

  106. Thanks so much….it so great when something is fixed easily

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  110. brad mairin says:

    Am i the only person for which this didn’t work? I tried this many times, both using Activity Monitor and the sudo killall command, but MAMP still refuses to start the MySQL engine

    • It doesn’t work for me either, considering that there are no `mysqld` processes to kill. I haven’t been able to figure this out.

      • Hi guys

        been tearing my hair out with frustration as most people (on all the many many searches I’ve done) on trying to get MySQL working with MAMP post back “thanks yay working”.

        I tried killing: killall -9 mysqld

        blah blah blah, no luck.

        Guess what, check that MAMP has actually installed all the files. This was the case for me, in that my install of MAMP had failed to write the MAMP/db folder, yeah kinda critical.

        No matter how much you tweak passwords & kill phantom processes etc, if there’s no db to kill you’re gonna have trouble.

        Simply delete the install of MAMP and do a new install, making sure all the files /MAMP/db are installed

        Good luck, hope this helps at least one other person like me.

      • Restart your system/ re-install mamp :P

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  115. You are GOD.

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    You just saved one more person from pulling her hair out


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  121. Thanks! Where’s that buy me coffee/donate via paypal button?

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  141. inch by inch with this web development stuff… I call myself learning CakePHP over the weekend. Never hosted locally.

  142. perfect. now, is there a way to automate this process each time we quit MAMP?

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  144. Thank you! I like Ron Paul too. I don’t necessarily agree with everything he says, but, more importantly, he is at least talking about things in a way that few politicians are willing to do. I appreciate his willingness to say unpopular things.

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  146. Works for about two minutes and then the MySQL server goes down again. Go back to the activity window but is not running anymore… what to do?

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    Might help for some: Utilities > Activity Monitor (from there is all said)

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    Great! This works!!! But, can you explain why is that process giving a problem? Will be interesting to know!

  161. this did nothing for me, tried everything listed, sudo, monitor both styles. Since purchasing a mac for my business i have run into this problem with mac software more than i`d like to.

  162. Tried everything else and got nothing, Found this and “SUCCESS”
    Go into Application/ (click into) –> System Preferences/” go down to SQL (bottom of page) click into it and click to “STOP” MySqlServer(also make sure that the automatic start on start up option is not checked) after this I opened MAMP and it turned on instantly. Thank you all

  163. Excellent, MacBook ran out of battery then MySQL server wouldn’t star when it came back on. Found 2 instances of mysqld running.

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  205. I don’t get, the process mySQL starts every time you turn on MAMP anyways. killing mySQL in activity monitor will just turn the green light to red in MAMP. The issue is still same, can’t execute a create table command in PHP running in localhost with MAMP, maybe I didn’t get smth ?

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