Mass Redirections With WordPress [How To]

I have been forced to do tons of mass URL redirections on several of my WordPress sites as of late. It’s an unfortunate, but necessary biproduct of messing around with URL structures. For instance, on this blog, a URL to a post used to be: But now, it is

Explain This.

Have you ever had the odd experience of learning a new word that you had never in your life heard before, and then, in as little as a few hours later, you happen to hear that same exact word again? I know I have, and I find it strange. It brings a whole lots of […]

iOS5 Update Calendar Events Duplicated (Easy Fix)

Just downloaded the latest iOS from Apple, and everything seemed to have gone smoothly except for the fact that the calendar on my phone had a duplicate of all events. I checked my phone sync settings on iTunes and noticed that I had the “Sync iCal Calendars” box selected.

Mormons Aren’t Christian

Your pastor is right. You can stop reading now. Lets look at the facts. What Is A Christian? Based on all of the accepted definitions of the word Christian that I could find, a Christian is someone who is the following: A person who believes in Jesus Christ. A person who exemplifies in his or […]

Daily Alerts For Your Niche

We marketers need all the help we can get to stay on top of our niche’s so that we can stay on top of our make money online game. A really cool tool that I just rediscovered called Google Alerts feeds me daily updates of all of the top action going on in my niche. […]

How to View and Edit Hidden Files on Mac (.htaccess, etc…)

Update: Screw everything I just said. My friend who helped out in the last post I made, helped out again with this one. Screw Houdini (the program I tell you to get below), get TotalFinder instead. Then to show hidden files, open up the finder, then CMD+Shift+”.” (minus quotes). Kick ass.

MySQL Server Won’t Start on MAMP (RED LIGHT!) Mac OSX

If you can’t figure out why the MySQL Server won’t turn on if you’re using MAMP to do local development work, it could be because there are conflicting instances of a process called “mysqld” running on your system.