Inspectlet: Perfect Blend of Crazy Egg & Clicktale, & Cheaper Than Both.

Now you can peek over your customers shoulders as they browse your website in real time!

Inspectlet is a new real-time analytics, and website heat mapping + screen capture tool that allows you to take a peek at how your customers react with your website as they browse. This means that the software literally takes screencapture videos of users cursor trails as they navigate from page to page on your website.

Inspectlet was kind enough to give me a free demo of their platform, and despite a few issues (the most substantial being a speed issue with my site after the install, that they immediately fixed after an email), the features provided are well worth the price. Their basic plan is even cheaper than the most well known heatmapping solution, called crazy egg – and crazy egg doesnt even offer the ability to record user sessions – inspectlet does.

So if you arent in a position to pay the huge monthly fees for a robust solution like clicktale, yet you arent happy with the cheaper, more watered down solution that is crazy egg, then inspectlet is probably right for you. They offer a free one week trial so you can test the waters.

I have personally tried crazy egg off and on over the last several years, and the data I harvested just didnt justify paying the monthly fee. Especially when there is no screencapturing! Im no analytics pro, but when i compare inspectlet with crazy egg and clicktale, inspectlet offers the most bang for my buck.

I wish that they would add the option to filter out my IP from data gathering. This is actually a critical feature that needs to be added asap. Or maybe they already have. Its been a minute or two since i last logged in and they are usually quick about fixing things.

So give inspectlet a try.

I almost felt like a spy when i watched my first recorded screencapture. Try it. You will too. 😉

Note: password and other sensitive information fields are obviously censored out, so dont get too excited.

3 Things To Know Before Buying Thesis Theme

I’ve used the Thesis theme for the last few years and for the most part, I’ve been really happy with it.

Clean code, good SEO control, and a great support forum with very helpful users. And if there’s one feature I’m repeatedly glad for with this theme it is the fact that there is a responsive support forum, because I’ve spent a huge amount of time in the trenches there.

Nothing but love for the gods and girlies on that forum.

So without further ado, here are 3 things that I wish I would have known before jumping on the Thesis theme bandwagon. I won’t try to talk you out of Thesis, but depending on what kind of person you are, what you’re looking for, and how much you love to tinker, there may be better options for your first (paid) WordPress theme. Continue reading “3 Things To Know Before Buying Thesis Theme”

Mass Redirections With WordPress [How To]

I have been forced to do tons of mass URL redirections on several of my WordPress sites as of late.

It’s an unfortunate, but necessary biproduct of messing around with URL structures.

For instance, on this blog, a URL to a post used to be:

But now, it is

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Explain This.

Have you ever had the odd experience of learning a new word that you had never in your life heard before, and then, in as little as a few hours later, you happen to hear that same exact word again?

I know I have, and I find it strange. It brings a whole lots of “Why’s?” to mind.

Well if that’s strange, then what I’m about to toss at you will completely freak you out.

I know it did me …

Call it God, call it the law of attraction, call it the order of the universe, call it what you will. All I’m prepared to call it at this point in my life is weird.

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iOS5 Update Calendar Events Duplicated (Easy Fix)

Just downloaded the latest iOS from Apple, and everything seemed to have gone smoothly except for the fact that the calendar on my phone had a duplicate of all events.

I checked my phone sync settings on iTunes and noticed that I had the “Sync iCal Calendars” box selected.
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