The Best Way To Research A Product Before Purchasing

1. Go to your favorite search engine (ok, just go to google. that’s what we all use. I have learned to bow down to the monopoly).
2. Type in: “[insert name of product you’re looking to buy] sucks”.
3. Click “search”.
4. Read what the product/service advertiser doesn’t want you to know.
5. Make an informed decision.

A few products I wish I would have used this technique for:

 – Hosting Services At Dreamhost
 – Logitech’s MX Revolution Wireless Mouse
 – Kensington PilotBoard Wireless Desktop for Mac

If I would have simply typed “sucks” after all of the above product searches, I would have saved tons of cash, and tons of heartache, annoyance, sleepless nights, broken legs, carpel tunnel syndrom, ear aches, natural disasters, world wars, earthquakes, typhoons, nose bleeds, stomach aches, and many other problems that have been a result of purchasing such useless products.

EDIT: The above method also works for outsourcing work to Indian company’s. I hate Indians. Err…Indian Programmers….err…I mean the majority of Indian web design (I can’t believe they call themselves “designers”) company’s.

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Jeremy is a self-proclaimed socially-awkward penguin living in Utah. He makes money online. As he sleeps.