Religion: Fact? Fiction? Reality?

Second Coming of Christ

What do I think about all the religion hype?
Quite honestly I’ve been having a hard time lately deciphering the fact from the fiction from what I really believe is the truth.

I’ll begin by sharing a little anecdote about my involvement in church “back in the day”. I grew up knowing only one religion. Eating, drinking and sleeping the doctrines of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (or the Mormons. Mormons being a rip off of The Book of Mormon, which just so happens to be a vital part of the whole religion). To be fair I’ll say that this church was never forced on me or anything of the like. It had just been all that I’d known. This is fine and is obviously common with family’s that go back century’s with the church.

Back to the anecdote: My friend and I were so “into” this particular church that we started a little club. I don’t remember what we called it and it’s not particularly important. What was important though was the fact that we would go around and act like missionary’s and try to convert people to our faith. We would walk down the streets and greet people and ask them “would you like us to share a message with you about Jesus Christ” etc.. Most people politely turned us down and this practice of ours soon died down as well.

I tell you this to show my past involvement in the church and to show how religion in my life has gone from preaching, to questioning, then to doubting. I’ll begin by saying that all church’s are based on faith. Faith: believing without seeing. This causes a big problem for the logical or doubtful/pessimistic (take your pick) guys. I, being one of the doubtful have questioned a lot lately. I’ve gone from believing that there is an actual God in “heaven” somewhere that actually put us here and cares about us, to tinkering with the idea of evolution, to not having any idea what this is all about. Of course the religion that I belonged to (and currently do) lays all of this information out on the table as common knowledge, and quite honestly it all makes good sense. Good sense until I talk to the people that are equally qualified (as far as knowledge goes) on the other side of the matter; the other side being atheism or evolutionism.

I used to be one to think how ridiculous both concepts are and I still do to some extent. But each side has their good arguments. And I don’t just mean “good” as in ok. I mean good as in extraordinarily competitive. Quite honestly I don’t know where I’m going in this post. The whole religion thing has been on my mind for the last while and I’m still questioning all sides of each belief system.

I’ll conclude by saying that religion can’t be fact, fiction or reality unless you make it that way in your mind. It all comes down to what you believe and feel to be true. It’s interesting that so many people can “know” and “feel” so many different things in different religions. I hear people all the time (mostly in my religion) say “they know” when I question whether they really do “know”. After all, if they knew they would have evidence. Possibly even physical evidence! Of course this goes back to the faith argument and the “feeling you get in your heart”, but in all actuality, nobody knows for a fact! I don’t say this to be even more doubtful, I just question how so many people can say they know something when they can’t prove it!

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  • Hope

    It sounds like you’re not sure what to believe right now. There are a lot of different ideas out there about God and religion. There is also a way to figure it out, but only if you try to believe in a supreme creator, or whatever you want to call it. It is as simple as excercising faith (substance of things hoped for, but the evidence of things not seen) and asking your supreme creator if it is there, if it is there, it will answer your question in some small way, but only if you are sincere. There will not be a boom of thunder, although it has happened in biblical times, but pay attention to how you feel. Make sure there are no distractions present, (music, TV, radio is off) so you don’t have to second guess yourself. It is a very good thing that you are questioning your religion, for that is the only way for anyone to have a conviciton or faith of their own. It is also good to question evolution, or anything that you are looking into for answers to lifes questions, 1. Where did we come from?, 2. Why are we here? and 3. Where are we going? The bottom line is you get out of it what you put into it. If you don’t make a great effort to find out, you probably won’t. That effort should include asking a supreme creator if it is out there, but you must ask with nothing doubting. I have had the opportunity to spend time with people who are looking for the answers to life questions, but they ask their supreme creator with doubt that they will recieve an answer, it will not work, unless you are sincere in your request. As far as people knowing of a true religion, I know it is possible, but only by personal experiences, to the point that I can never deny what I know to be true. Knowing a religion is true is similar to love. Love is a feeling and an ability. Do you love your family? You may say yes and I could say prove it to me. But no matter what you tell me, only you know that you truly love them. There is plenty of physical evedence directly relating to Christ, things like the Dead Sea Scrolls which Isiah of the Old Testament wrote upon, I could tell you abour many more physical things that prove there is a God, but I will leave that to you to search for it, it will mean more to you that way and you will also remember it. Sometimes that is the hardest part of religion, remembering how you felt when you believed what you used to. If there is any hope or faith left in you about what you held so dear when you were younger, excercise that faith and nourish it and it will grow. I do know with out any doubt there is a God and he hears us and helps us, but he also wants us to grow in spirituality through experiences, sometimes they are not so pleasent, but they are for our good and will make us stroger. Good Luck