Remove “Product Description” Heading/Title WooCommerce Single Product Page

This is how to remve the “product description” heading from your WooCommerce single product page.

No thanks to this thread, which seemed to help the poster, but nobody else. Doesn’t make sense to me.

So here’s how it’s really done.

Find description.php which is found in wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/templates/single-product/tabs/

In description.php you will delete:

<h2>< ?php echo $heading; ?></h2>

From the code:

< ?php
 * Description Tab
global $woocommerce, $post;

if ( $post->post_content ) : ?>
	<div class="panel entry-content" id="tab-description">
		< ?php $heading = apply_filters('woocommerce_product_description_heading', __('Product Description', 'woocommerce')); ?>
		<h2>< ?php echo $heading; ?></h2>
		< ?php the_content(); ?>
< ?php endif; ?>

Then save, and overwrite the file on your server.

Warning! Be sure to either remember how you did this, bookmark this page, make a backup of the file, or all of the above, because as soon as you upgrade your woocommerce plugin next time an update comes out, this will be reset.

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  1. Scottdaris says:

    Hey there. I just came across this and thought I’d share with you the upgrade-safe way to override WooCommerce templates:

    • Thanks Jeremy & Scott! This works great

      • I tried these difference solutions, but they didn’t work. What finally worked for me:

        I added this code to my theme’s custom css:

        .single-product .entry-title {display: none;!important; }

    • Here is a post on the woothemes support forum (not accessible without a membership) that adds clarification and shows that their original article was written sloppily:


      ” Hey,

      Welcome to the WooThemes Forums! Thanks for you question.

      You won’t use the /templates folder within your theme.

      Try this path instead:


      Please advise if this produces the desired result. :)


      Scott “

    • Worked a treat Scott. The often spruiked method of setting “.woocommerce_tabs h2″ to display:none completely removes the ability to use h2 sub-headings anywhere in the description tab. By making adding copy of the “description.php” into the theme’s already existing woocommerce sub-directory, providing the h2 with a specific class then setting that class only to display:none

      No description label and no more dramas using h2 subheadings throughout the rest of the tab :-)

  2. Sure thing is that you will not become a millionaire by hacking the core files of any system – listen to Scottdaris. That is the way to do it :)

  3. Carlos Mateo says:

    If you want to remove the “Product Description” in an upgrade-safe way, add this to your theme’s functions.php file:

    add_filter( ‘woocommerce_product_description_heading’, ‘remove_product_description_heading’ );
    function remove_product_description_heading() {
    return ”;

    • Robert Campbell says:

      What about the actual Tab copy above where it read ‘Description’ by default? Is there an equivalent filter that would allow for that to be overridden?

      • Hi Robert, I managed to remove the tabs by adding this to the stylesheet of my theme:
        ul.tabs {display: none;}

        to remove price and producttitle add this to the stylesheet of your theme:
        div.summary {display: none;}
        Good luck!

    • Thanks for sharing this Carlos. I’m back here because I upgraded & lost my edits. Now to do it the real way … :)

    • involvo says:

      Hi Carlos, your method works.

      Jeremy: I tried applying your method with refreshing on 3 browsers to no avail.

      Is anyone facing a situation of a :?

      This looks to be the case on my site. Anywhere to get rid of this : semi-colon?

    • David Jacoby says:

      Thanks. Perfect.

    • Dan Zimmermann says:

      This is the only right method!
      To all wordpress beginners: Read about WordPress Hooks and Filters and don’t delete code from PlugIns or WordPress itself

  4. HI there,

    I am wanting to change my single product title to h2 instead of h1.

    I tried making a copy of all the template files and putting this in my theme directory all under inside a “woocommerce” folder. I made change to the appropriate template file.

    This did nothing. Is there a hook that would allow me do do this?

    Why would copying the files not work?

  5. repoulin says:

    Couldn’t we just comment it out? I just want to use SEO Yoast plugin.

  6. hello,
    i’m sorry if not in the right place, maybe there’s a way of removing Product description in Catalog view not the single product view.
    thank you very much!

  7. thx very much, it works fine

  8. Jeremy, You can make this simple change without having to worry about backing up. you want to use Filters and Hooks. Here is a girl who shows you how to accomplish the same thing you are and there will be no need to worry about losing your custom code when you upgrade/update.

  9. thank you so much,i’m very happy :D

  10. thanks man..really easy

  11. .. perfect, many thanks ..

  12. thanks for a simple perfect explanation

  13. There’s a way to do it by css. In custom css space of your wp theme, put this:

    .panel.entry-content h2{display:none}

    Note: .panel.entry-content are the classes of the div that contains the “Product Description” text, maybe this changes between woocommerce versions (I’m using 2.1.10) but it is easy to figure out by viewing the source code of a product page.

  14. You can do this also in your theme in the functions.php file:
    add_filter( ‘woocommerce_product_description_heading’, ‘woo_add_uses_icons’, 98 );
    function woo_add_uses_icons( $description ) {
    return “”;

  15. I keyed in #tabs-description h2 {display: none;} and it worked for me.

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