Shoemoney Redesigns Blog. Looks Like Every Other Thesis Site on The Web.

Haters gonna hate…

So I was excited when I saw Chris Pearsons tweet about Shoemoney redesigning his whole site with Thesis. I thought maybe, just maybe I’d see a stunning variation on the bare bones look of Thesis that I’m so used to seeing. Nope.

You see, I used to be part of the Thesis circle jerk, before abandoning it for what I now feel is a much better-looking, easier-to-look-professional alternative.

Shoemoney. Love ya man. But I hate your redesign. Of course I don’t expect you to care, but why, oh why would you ditch your last design for this standard, out of the box, gray nav bar, Thesis look? Maybe Chris offered you a preview of a new version and you wanted to play with it and experiment during a time where maybe your blog traffic isn’t what it once was.

Maybe the performance metrics are a touch faster than your previous theme. Hell, I don’t know.

I do know though that I’ve liked all of your previous redesigns much better than what you’ve got now.

And for you Chris Pearson: You’re obviously extremely intelligent. A kick ass coder. You know your stuff. I don’t question your skills for one second. But I don’t understand why in the world a dude with such an affinity for typography lets an out-of-the-box-look like this fly:

(…maybe it’s the mathematically proper use of typography ?)

But Chris, maybe that’s the point. You build a nice framework, and then it’s up to people to customize and beautify it. That’s fine…but nobody does.

I have no doubt that with a huge wad of cash, I could pay a coder to snazz the hell out of the default Thesis theme, but it seems to me that one of the main selling points of Thesis is that it’s so incredibly easy to customize. Yeah, it’s easy to change from different column layouts, adjust font sizes, etc etc… but who really wants to deal with all of that shit for the most part?

Maybe I’m a noob, scratch that, I know I’m a noob. But the majority of your Theme users are too.

You can watch a blog designed on Thesis over time and you’ll see colors change, a layout change perhaps, but common among all the sites is disgusting looking typography, and cookie-cutter nob jockeyness.

Chris: make your theme less lame out of the box. I’ve never understood why you are on a typographical high horse when 99% of the sites on the web that use your theme display a tragic use of typography. And you’re enabling them! (see above photos).

To those considering purchasing Thesis: Unless you enjoy fiddle fu*#@ing around with html, css, php, and typography, like some people (myself included sometimes), I’d look elsewhere. Right now I like Genesis. It’s a thousand times easier to launch a good-looking site right out of the box, than it is with Thesis.

Enough of my bitching.

Cheers to everyone developing themes and frameworks. I am in your debt, and I am unquestionably unqualified to question your work…

But that doesn’t mean that I won’t anyways. 🙂

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  • Suzanne

    Nice post, thanks for sharing my same thoughts! Any thoughts on Thesis 2.0?