Smile Damnit!

Angry Girl Frown May 13, 20102
Credit: stevendepolo

Why is it so hard to smile? Or even worse, to make other people smile? I don’t know if it’s a hard thing for you to do, but it sure is for me. It seems like that for every 30 random people in a social gathering, there is maybe one person (and that’s on a good day) that is genuinely happy. This person smiles for fun, is complementary of other people and is apparently tons happier and more fulfilled than everyone else around him.

I would love to be this person, but the fact is that I’m not. I have social pansy-itis disorder and tend to hang back in the shadows and errmm (not) smile. However, I’ve realized that smiling and making other people smile in life can have a huge impact on other people’s self esteem. Not to mention the impact on the self esteem of the person that made person b smile.

So lets all smile more, damnit. I think the more we try to focus on getting other people to smile (and I’m talking about being genuine here!) the happier we will be ourselves. It totally makes sense in my head, but so do a lot of things that I can’t execute well on… sigh.

Take a look at the video my friend posted on his blog about the impact that validating other people (or making them smile) can have on them. Pretty insightful. I like videos that make me step back for a few minutes and evaluate the role that I play in the game of life.

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  • Mike

    Funny pic! In the big cities, people smile even less! Unless they are a weirdo.