This Blog Is So Random That…

I think I need to start a new one.

Every time I come back here (in the admin section of my blog) to write something new, I get frustrated. Probably sort of the same feeling that you feel when you come here. You don’t know what to expect. Who knows? Maybe you’ll read about my favorite song, or perhaps you’ll read a post about how to make money online. You never know.

Since the bread and butter of what I do on the internet is make money online, I think I need to start another blog that is just focused on that topic. In doing this I’ll be able to 1. brand myself as a ballin affiliate in the industry and 2. be able to write helpful, focused content for people interested in making money online. Not to mention, if I have any luck in choosing my next “brand” name, I won’t have such a hard time telling people my website  name. Elite Eternity sucks to tell people…

P.S. I’m feeling a lot like this again lately…

A Help Me P.S. if you have any suggestions on what I should brand myself as, let me know. something classy like lol. go ahead and squat on it.

Another P.S. I think it was on shoemoney’s blog, but the more time I spend in the “make money online” industry, the more I tend to agree that we are in a gold rush period where people will look back in 10 years and say how they wished they had hopped on the bandwagon when the barrier to entry was so low. keep hustlin fellow gangsters

About Jeremy Blake

Jeremy is a self-proclaimed socially-awkward penguin living in Utah. He makes money online. As he sleeps.

  • haha

    lol zero comments and you keep writing useless banter to yourself. elitist indeed. sigh… (/me looks at my blog which is the same way… /me dies a little inside)

    • Haha! Yeah, well i guess the fact that i enjoy reading my own blog counts for something, right? … *crickets*