Mass Redirections With WordPress [How To]

I have been forced to do tons of mass URL redirections on several of my WordPress sites as of late. It’s an unfortunate, but necessary biproduct of messing around with URL structures. For instance, on this blog, a URL to a post used to be: But now, it is

How I Changed My WordPress Image Upload Folder

Damn this bothered me for a long time. The default image upload folder is some crap like wp-content/uploads/date/blabla/finally-your-image.jpg. I’ve always been a fan of just having my images in the folder. I do it for seo, so that the spiders don’t have to search so deep for the images on my site. I’m not […]

Something I did on June 6 Made Like 7 Of My Blogs Stop Tracking Google Analytics [SOLVED]

UPDATE: If you’re having this problem, delete your IP Blocking Filters within the individual website profiles in Google Analytics. Turns out this was the problem. I mass applied a huge list of the IP’s I wanted blocked (aka my ip’s that Ididn’t want tracked) and that’s when the sites stopped tracking. I don’t know much […]

Install LongTail JW FLV Player on WordPress

Oh, the joy. Another tutorial born of my frustrations and annoyance over the lack of ease of installing something that should have been much easier than it was. Installing the commercial (paid) version of the LongTail JW Player for WordPress should only take about 5 minutes, but I swear all of the directions for a […]

Add Facebook “Like” Button To Thesis Theme

You may have noticed the “Like” button that I added under my post title. Now, instead of those cheesy rating stars that nobody ever clicked on, I can have a sweet Facebook Like button that nobody will ever click on. 😉 I’m not going to rewrite the whole tutorial, but if you have the Thesis […]

Secret To A Lightening Fast WordPress Blog!

I‘ve struggled with making my many wordpress blogs fast for the last couple of years. It’s been a pain. Between slow web hosts, crappy themes, and my desire to add tons of plugins, I never thought my blogs would ever be snappy. After going through tons of hosts, I have finally settled on WiredTree’s superior […]

Hard Reset Zune 1st Gen.

I’ve needed to know this a few times, and once I figure it out after a while of researching on the internet, I just do it and forget about it. Here’s to never having to search for how to hard reset your zune 1st Gen again. Instructions: Step 1 – Reset the Device Do all […]