You’re probably a nerd if you use this software

…and you claim that it works.


EyeDefender Combats Eyestrain, Repetitive Stress Injury

My good friends at lifehacker made me aware of this software and yep, you caught me. I downloaded it and I’ve started using it.

I’m not going to lie. I think it works. It is pretty annoying when the eye trainer pops up right when I’m in the middle of busting out some sweet, tricked out website edits, but hey, if it’s going to save my eyes, then so be it.

The only reason I even consider using this software is because I’m staring at my computer screen from like 9:00 AM in the morning to 1:00 AM the next morning. That, and it’s free…and it’s cool…..and it makes me feel nerdy.

I admit it, the software rocks!!!
*thinking in my head*
I’ll probably delete it tomorrow…

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